Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Brunch is a beautiful thing. All you can drink brunch is probably the reason why I love New York so much. I usually have brunch in Manhattan but this past weekend was my lazy, stay in my pajamas and do nothing weekend. But my friend dragged me out of my comfy fleece pajamas and to the a local restaurant around the corner from my apartment, DiWine. Lo and behold! Brunch special! For $15 dollars you can get an entree with a cup of coffee and a drink. If you want it to be endless mimosas, bellinis and bloody marys add an extra $7 only!

 Capricossa Pizza - Pepperocini, Eggs, Mushroom, and Mozzarella

I think we all know which option I choose but I was amazed at how good their pizza was. They have a wood burning brick oven in the back that gets the dough crisp on the bottom but still chewy goodness in the middle. And with V-day on the way, the made my eggs into the shape of a heart!

 Banana Bread French Toast - Maple Roasted Bananas, Strawberries, and Crème Fraiche

My friend had the banana bread french toast which I stole a bite of and it was so good! How have I never thought of making french toast with banana bread before? What made it so perfect for my taste? No raisins! I absolutely do not like raisins in bread and it was this dense banana bread with no raisins and plenty of walnuts for texture. But the most amazing part of that dish was the citrus creme fraiche that came with it. Amazing! Good to know that I don't HAVE to head into the city for a good brunch. Well done DiWine. I will definitely be back.

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